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A Message to the Rabbit Community

Kast adopts Rabbit

Kast Loves Rabbit, So We’re Bringing the Best of Rabbit Into Kast

Hi, Rabbit community – all of us at KastHQ have been listening. We loved Rabbit and everything positive that it accomplished for all of us, and we were shocked when we heard the news of its demise. As the story unfolded, we saw and listened to the passion of the community, and we looked at how we could help preserve a place where that passion can continue.

Kast is honored to announce that it has struck a deal with Rabbit.

Now, as we acquire the key components that made Rabbit so well-loved, we fully commit to the following promise.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team on what that roadmap will look like. Our focus now is to welcome you, the Rabbit community, to the Kast platform.

The best elements of Rabbit will live on — evolving and growing even further within the Kast ecosystem and becoming an essential part of our roadmap going forward.

What is Kast?

For those of you that have not heard about Kast until perhaps right this minute, The team at Kast initially focused on game-based experiences. We've learned that you love to do more than play games, however!

Kast is a live hangout platform where you can watch your favorite movies and shows, play and share games, and spend time with friends.

So, Kast continues to develop our platform to empower Watch Parties, Video Chat, and whatever else you can throw at us. We look forward to working with you all, listening to your ideas, and engaging with you in this incredible, collaborative, and creative space. You might have already noticed that Kast hovers around the various social media platforms; we're looking to learn what excites you — and also what does not — in terms of live hangout experiences. So, please reach out to our team with ideas as well as challenges, whatever you think will improve Kast for everyone. We are excited to hear from you; please get in touch!

Kast is a global startup company with offices in San Diego, California and Helsinki, Finland. We support macOS and Windows PC, with web (Chrome) that also runs on Android. Also, yes, full iOS app functionality is on its way within the next few weeks.